Values and Principles of The Survivor Fund Innovation Hub 

Since starting the fund in 2016, we have deepened our belief in the sustainable, and life-altering ways and impacts a fund and financial care can have on survivors. 

Our values and principles guide us, our work, and our partnerships with The Survivor Fund Innovation Hub.

Our Commitments

✤  We are self-reflective, open-hearted, and willing to adapt

✤  We are evidence-driven and are intentional with empathetic research

✤  We are survivor-centered, critically hopeful, and iterative

Our Values and Principles

✤  All student survivors can experience joy after an assault. We want to practically help them achieve that.  

✤  Every survivor has inherent and irrevocable agency, resiliency, and capacity. 

✤  Survivors deserve care and community. 

We believe in the leadership capacity of the survivors and the future-building energy of students.

 All people are deserving of care, without restrictions. 

Healing journeys are made easier when cared for financially with trauma-informed resources.

We are an organization that is trans-inclusive, anti-oppressive, and anti-racist. Exclusionary, harmful, and oppressive forms of thought are not welcome in a space dedicated to justice, transformation, and healing. We resist a politics of domination.